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What about Richard Reinhardt? For starters, he was born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland from the parents of Richard and Adele. He is the oldest of three children. Unlike his sister, Carrie and brother, Andrew, who found their talents and success through athletics, Richard found his through imagination, creativity, and a pencil.

At the age of 12, he found a great interest in comics and graphic novels. For him, the comic artists’ portrayal of rich stories and stylized characters encouraged his raw talents. At that time, most of his work consisted of drawings of superheroes that he would read about or ones created, himself. His talents were quickly noticed by his parents. Both supportive of his work, they wanted his abilities to reach its full potential. It was at this time, where Richard became enrolled at the Lutherville Art Institute. His instructor, Mr. Janifeski (or “Mr. J.”) was the art professor at Calvert Hall College and who would later become his full time teacher while he attended the High School. Mr. J. was a fair but firm instructor who believed in teaching his students the basic fundamentals. For several years, Richard would attend evening classes at the Institute learning forms, lighting, blending, perspective, and how to render objects and the human figure. Going from drawing cartoon characters to drawing complex still life objects was a completely different and challenging task. Although his first, few years were difficult each new portfolio showed his talents becoming stronger and stronger.